Research Project 1

Research Project 1: Survey of social scientists to understand the incentives, motivations, and rewards for conducting Hispanic-Serving social science research and applying for extramural funding in the CSU and UC systems.

CAHSSA is conducting a survey study of CSU and UC social science faculty to identify factors that shape the practice of social science research at Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSIs). Survey questions will elicit data on topics such as proposal writing and submitting experience, institutional resources for grants activity, failure and success with research proposals and awards, challenges and opportunities faced by faculty in designing, conducting, and funding social science research, and how faculty perceive the integration of their research agenda with the Hispanic-serving mission of their home institution. To participate in this study, complete this short form and a researcher will contact you with a link to the survey.

Survey results presented at the 2023 annual conference of the National Organization of Research Development Professionals (NORDP).

Research Project 2

Research Project 2: Content Analysis of NSF SBE Directorate Reviewer Comments

CAHSSA is conducting a CSU and UC-wide study of NSF reviewer comments on proposals that have been submitted to the NSF SBE directorate in the last decade. We are seeking participants to submit their reviewer comments for this study, whether your proposal was funded or declined. The analysis will identify explicit words, phrases, and proposal disciplines, topics, and themes that are associated with successful and unsuccessful proposals. We will connect the content analysis with characteristics of investigators and institutions to look for patterns related to why proposals are considered meritorious or not, key indicators of strong and weak proposals, and whether there is bias or partiality in reviewer comments or funding outcomes related to institutional type, investigator demographics, methodological approaches, or other characteristics. To participate in this study, complete this short form and a researcher will contact you with instructions for submitting your reviewer comments.